Change the Tide - Billboard Campaign


Posted by Sophie on 15-Oct-2019

The Kapiti Future Leaders (KFLs), a group of youth from around Kapiti who are passionate about makinga difference in our community, are launching a billboard campaign, Change the Tide, to empower ourcommunity to take action on the climate crisis.

This year, the Kāpiti Future Leaders group have undertaken 10 skill-building workshops and hosted anIdeas for Change event for local youth. This event included 3 panels of community, local government andbusiness leaders discussing the major issues of our facing the Kāpiti Coast and working with youth todevelop ideas for change.

“As youth we look ahead and recognize the severity and ramifications of climate change, in the long-termand in our present lives. We are passionate about making a difference to support our community andmake our future a better place” says Joseph Simpson, a Future Leader.

“But really, this isn’t about us. It’s about you: every person who is passionate about their community,every individual who cares. You can make a difference; every action you take counts; every skill you haveis valuable. Our campaign is about changing the tide and empowering people like you, to make adifference in everything you do.” says Joseph.

The issue weighing heavily on the minds of youth in Kāpiti at the moment is climate change. The climatecrisis is incomprehensibly huge and it can be hard to understand the effects that this will have locally butalso to understand our place in the solution and to further more feel empowered to step into that role.

Because of this, the KFLs came up with the idea of a billboard campaign which would highlight the effectsclimate change is having and will continue to have on the Kapiti Coast, while also providing practical tipsfor reducing local and collective emissions profiles. These billboards would be situated around Kapiti andnear busy hub spaces to ensure that the issue of climate change is at the forefront of people's mindswhen going about their daily routine, particularly amidst the season of local elections. They are designingthese billboards to have a visual element and to catch the attention of those driving past, while alsoensuring they can read the content of the billboard. For this reason, the KFLs have also created a website(​​). This would be specific to Kāpiti at this point and would create a forum forthose wanting to become more engaged in various environmental community groups to do so.

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