Transport #

We can improve our mobility by increasing the frequency, reliability and accessibility of public transport, consulting on what the community wants in a public transit system, and encouraging the uptake of walking and cycling.

Seniors #

We can enhance the lives of our valued retirees through implementing mentorships with young people, taking account of the viewpoints of senior citizen groups, and educating rest homes about recycling.

Environment #

We can transition to a more sustainable Kāpiti by supporting communities to minimise waste, purchasing low emission council assets, and integrating Mātauranga Māori into our environmental strategy.

Business #

We can help local businesses by ensuring Kāpiti is supported by WREDA, implementing a customer-centric focus in Council’s economic policy, and connecting employers with young people.

Youth #

We can assist our vulnerable youth by supporting breakfast at school schemes, developing workplace gateway programmes, and providing help for young people forced out of their homes.

Housing #

We can better use our land by incentivising the development of social housing, supporting the creation of community gardens, and creating green spaces within both residential and commercial areas.

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