About Me

I’m 19 years old and I live and have grown up in Paekākāriki. I am running to be the Paekākāriki - Raumati Ward Councillor on the Kāpiti Coast District Council.

When I was 12, I vividly remember my Mum and Dad getting a letter in the mail from KCDC.They sat at the table looking rather worried over what was written and I had to find out why. The message alerted us to the fact that the sea could seep into our home in the coming decades. I was extremely concerned about why this would be and what I could do to stop it!

We got talking about sea level rise and climate change. I felt scared and a sense of fear around what my generations future might look like, bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. Not only this but around potentially not being able to find a job, a warm and dry house to live in and feeling isolated from the rest of the community.

This is some peoples reality in our community ​now.

I am not willing to sit on my hands and will never be. There are people in our community who are struggling, who aren’t being supported by the status quo.

This is our home and together, we should have the opportunity to create the way it feels to live here. We must continue to build a loving community where rangatahi, our planet and all people are central to decision making.

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